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Round Lake Pallets Inc.

Round Lake Pallets Recycles!

We Strive to be Eco- Friendly and environmentally conscious in all that we do.

Each year over a half a billion pallets are manufactured and in the United States alone more than 2 billion pallets are in use. 

Pallets make transport more efficient and cost effective because goods can be moved faster and with less manpower. Organizations that use pallets for transport generally have lower costs for handling and transportation than organizations that don’t use pallets. 

Pallet Recycling / Why Recycle Pallets? 
In the Unites States only home construction uses more new wood than the construction of pallets. A pallet sometimes has a very limited useful life. It has to meet specifications to continue to be useful. Once damage occurs they are simply cast aside.

Recycling wooden pallets can actually be more cost beneficial to a company because of the reduction of initial production costs.

Recycled wooden pallets often prove to stronger and stiffer because the wood is seasoned already and can be stronger than boards used for the first time. Stronger boards can resist breaking and therefore can result in less damaged goods and breakage and can also result in less injury to personnel.

Round Lake Pallets Inc offers existing and potential customers the opportunity to recycle all their cardboard, plastic, shrink wrap, paper, metal and wood. Round Lake Pallets Inc. refunds will be paid according to market value and according to weight and volume. Recyclable material can be placed in the same trailer as the pallets to allow Round Lake Pallets Inc. to be a "one stop shop" for the customer. We can combine pallet returns with mixed industrial recycling. Or we can offer different trailers for your different services.